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Why CSx is Easy to operate:

CSx commands are working in various modes as shown in the following figure: CSx working modes

These modes are:

It is clear that CSx software works between AutoCAD and Excel softwares.

AutoCAD is used to draft technical drawings by Civil and Mechanical engineers all over world. Also, Excel is used by engineers to store their data. In AutoCAD, user can edit or decorate the drawing as per their requirements. In Excel, users are store their data in various formats. They use formula to make another data very easily.

Our software called CSx works between Excel and AutoCAD. Excel is for data storage or data output and AutoCAD is for drawing outputs or even for drawing inputs. Most people in engineering field already use AutoCAD and Excel very well and hence they can use CSx more comfortably.

If user not know Excel and AutoCAD, and want to use CSx, they should get some knowledge of both these softwares. Hence they automatically get benefited by this training, in their future carrier. If user already knows both these softwares, their skill is increase by using CSx.

Ultimately, user gets benefit by using CSx, because Excel and AutoCAD are the most powerful tools for engineers all over world.