'-Plot' command to find 'Output device name' and 'Paper size': CSxPlot
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Type '-plot' in command prompt and press enter.
'-plot' command in command prompt
Type 'y' and press enter.
Press enter again.
Type '?' and press enter.
Copy your plot device (texts between double quotes) and paste in command prompt and press enter:
Device name in AutoCAD text screen

Note paper size (here is 'A4'):
Paper size in AutoCAD text screen

Press 'Esc' button (present in top left side of key board) to cancel '-plot' command.

Open new blank file in AutoCAD. Give 'CSxPlot' command.

Paste copied device name in 'Output device name:' edit box.

Type 'A4', as you noted in '-plot' command, in 'Paper size:' edit box.

See the 'CSxPlot' topic for remaining...