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What policy for after sails service?
This is mainly related to technical help and done by e mail or phone or chating.
How CSx training is done?
Please read the CSx training topic.
How I get software updates?
Update is done by e mail. It may free or may not free. Depends on company policy.
I not know AutoCAD. This will create problems?
No. Because all data work is done in Excel. Only drawing output will be in AutoCAD.
You should know only some basic commands of AutoCAD.


Dongle waranty?
Please see the License Egreement for this.
What if dongle is lost?
You can bay new CSx software again.
No concession for this. This is the disadvantage of dongle.
What is the life of software?
It depends on the life of your dongle. Dongle waranty is only for 3 years. You should protect your USB dongle. Backup your CSx CD.


What is the system requirements?
System requirements for AutoCAD 2010 or 2011 is sufficient for CSx.
Which versions are required for Excel, AutoCAD and Windows?
See the CSx Installation topic.
CSx run in network?
No. You can install it in multiple PC but run it on 1 PC at a time by the given USB dongle.
How do I transfer my software license to another machine?
Install CSx in new PC. See CSx Installation page. Use given USB dongle to run CSx.
You can install CSx in multiple machines, but to run, insert the dongle in USB port.


Can I edit DWG files created by CSx, in lower versions of AutoCAD?
Yes, up to AutoCAD 2000. DWG files created by CSx is normal DWG file.
Is XLS file required to save as 'csv' or any other format?
Not required. CSx read data from multiple sheets present in XLS file. File may be open or closed.
Is 'CSx' software required to create XLS data file?
No. User can make XLS file on any PC, on which 'CSx' is not installed. Hence dongle also not required.
Any mass discount?
On site training is free. Mass discount not availlable yet, but contact us on this issu.
Is it possible to draw 4 lane or 6 lane road cross sections?
This is not possible yet.