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GL sheet is used to store GL survey data and road top level RLs. Some time, this data is in horizontal format, and some time in vertical format. Total 4 formats are available in CSx software for initial survey data entry:

All these formats are present in 'CSx.xls' file, present in 'CSxSupport' folder, in desktop.
Before using CSx command, sheet name must be rename to 'GL'.
Take it One by One:

Field Book Format:
Enter all values from column 'A' to 'E'. Give first R.L. in cell 'G2'.
Calculate R.Ls. by 'RLcalcu' command.
See, top levels are entered in the row where 'Ch.' value present in column 'A'.
When you export top lavels from L section drawing to 'GL' sheet, all values are automatically place in required rows. Do not edit the cell 'D1'. This is required to know this format for CSx.

Fiels Book format for GL data entry

Horizontal 2 Row Format: Top
Data is present in horizontal format.
One row for distances and another row for R.Ls.
Do not edit the cell 'C1'. This is required to know this format for CSx.
Put 'Remarks' in last column.

'Horizontal 2 Row' format for GL data entry

Horizontal Format: Top
If distances are same in all cross sections, use this format.
See distances are present in top row.
Column 'A' and 'B' are resurve for chainages and top RLs respectively.
After column 'B', you can start data entry from any column.
After column 'B', CSx will read only those columns where distances are present in the top row.
For example, here column 'Q' to 'Y' will read because in top row, numerical values are found to treated as distances.
After this, column 'Z' will also read for 'Remarks'. Place this column in last.
You can skip all column from 'C' to 'O' because insted of staff readings, CSx require only RL values, which are present in column 'Q' to 'Y' in followinf figure case.
You can obtain RL values from I.S. values using formula. See the video for this.

'Horizontal' format for GL data entry

You can skip I.S. values and give RL values like this:

'Horizontal' format for GL data entry

2GL Format: Top
See the column 'A'. Each chainage is repeat.
First is for initial distances/RLs and second is for final distances/RLs.
Only cutting and banking areas will calculate and hence, other sheets used in CSx will not required, except 'Heading' and 'Colour' sheets.
Column 'B' will always empty in this format.
You can draw Canal and Dam cross sections also with limitations, with this format.
Do not edit the cell 'C1'. This is required to know this format for CSx.

'2GL' format for initial and final levels data entry Top