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VIDEO  [1.71 MB] Video not run?

This command is available for vertical data format only as shown above. Now we want to calculate RL values in column 'G' and 'H.I.' in column 'F'. start AutoCAD. Type 'rlcalcu' and press enter or select 'RL Calculations' command from 'CSx' menu:

This command by menu

Select XLS data file in which our 'GL' sheet is present and select 'Open':

File brows

After RL calculations by CSx in few seconds, message box will display:

Message box for rlcalcu command

Click OK and go to Excel, place curser in cell 'F2' and paste data:

Paste data in GL sheet

RL calculations are complete. Save the file.

It is important to know that R.L.s are derived by using Excel formula. If you want to change any R.L. value, change the corresponding I.S. value. R.L. value will change automatically.
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