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VIDEO  [1.21 MB] Videos not run?
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Purpose of this command is to export existing RL values from L section drawing to XLS data file.

See above videos. First video is for field book format and Second video is for horizontal data format.

Give 'EXPOTEXT' command by selecting 'Export Text' from 'CSx' menu. Following questions will display in command prompt area:
Command messages in command prompt

Select objects: Select any one value from RTL. All values will select due to group. Press enter, after selection.
Sort by X/Y <X>: Press enter.
Number of blank lines between two rows <varies>: Press enter.
This file browsing dialog box will display:
File brows dialog box to export text

Select XLS data file having 'GL' sheet and click 'Open' button. This message will display after few seconds:
Ready to paste in Excel...

Go to XLS data file's 'GL' sheet. Paste data in cell 'I2':
Paste data in cell I2 of 'GL' sheet

Save the data file.

Note: In 'Select objects: ' prompt, if group not select and you want group selection, then cancel this command. Give 'PICKSTYLE' command. Give '1'. Try again 'EXPOTEXT' command.

Before creating earth work cross section, 'Heading' and 'Colour' sheets required.
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