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Purpose of this command is to draw slope values in L section from existing profile or P line.

Give 'LS_SLOPE' command or select it from 'LSext' of 'CSx' menu:
Dialog box for 'LS_SLOPE' command

Make sure that value for '1unit:?V' and '1unit:?H' should be equal to as given in L section.

Select 'Between entire PLine points' radio button from 'Give slope(s)' group box.
If you select 'Between Two points' radio button, a slope will draw between given Two points in dimension format.

Select 'Dimension format' radio button from 'Show slopes in' group box.
When PLine vertices are close to each other, select 'Vertical text format' radio button.
Figure shows slopes of Green PLine in vertical text format:
Slopes in vertical text format

Figure shows slopes in dimension format:
Slopes in vertical text format

After clicking 'OK' following messages will display in command prompt area:
Command messages in command prompt

Select PLine: Select a PLine by mouse.
Pick point for dimension line: Pick a point, where you want to show slopes.
Nrmally in upper side of L section, where some blank area is available.
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