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This sheet is use for giving different colours to different layers in cross section drawings:

Colour sheet

Give colour number between 1 to 256, for each layer, for example, 1 for Red, 2 for Yellow, 3 for Green etc. To find colour number, go to AutoCAD, give 'color' command. Select any colour. Colour number will display:

Colour palate in Auto CAD

Put this number in 'Colour' sheet. Give 256 for Black colour. Give 420 to hide layer.

'Lay.6', 'Lay.5', 'Lay.4', 'Lay.3', 'Lay.2', 'Lay.1', 'FL2(New)' and 'FL1(New)' are layers, given in 'Top_Layer' sheet, shown in next topic.

'Sho.' for shoulder.

'Lay.5(w)', 'Lay.4(w)', 'Lay.3(w)', 'Lay.2(w)', 'Lay.1(w)', 'FL2(w)' and 'FL1(w)' are layers, given in 'Widening_Layer' sheet, shown in 'Widening_Layer' topic.

'Exca.' for excavation line colour.
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