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To give different layers in different patches:
Different data in different chainages in 'Top_Layer' sheet

In above sample data, from ch. '570' to '855' is new road with 'C.C.' layer. From ch. '855', again B.T. road start and hence in ch. '855', two c/s is given to get rite quantities. All c/s drawings are saved in the name of chainage value given in column 'A' of 'GL' sheet. Two saved file having same name is not possible, hence we give '855.001' instead of repeating '855'.

In 'GL' sheet, chainages are not present in continuous rows because of field book format. To get continuous chainages in other sheets, without blank rows, copy column 'A' of 'GL' sheet, paste it in column 'A' of required sheet. Select column 'A' and sort it in ascending order.

If you want different shoulder widths in particular chainage, enter that widths in front of required chainage in 'Other' sheet. If cell is blank, then latest upper non blank cell value in that column will repeat:
Different data in different chainages in 'Other' sheet

Apply above concept to give different dimensions in different c/s in other sheets also, if required. Note that after changing values in particular chainages, repeat normal value in next chainage, to continue this normal value for remaining chainages. For this, see above figure. In ch. '3580' normal shoulder width '1.875' is restored.

Use of 'Area' sheet for quantity deduction from ch. 1895 to 1920:
Different data in different chainages in 'Area' sheet
Note that all chainages with 0.001 difference are ignored in L section, but when you export data using 'Expotext' command, corresponding upper value will repeat for these chainages, to ease your work.
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