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It is assume that 'GL' sheet is complete.

Go to AutoCAD. Open new blank file. Give 'Lsec' command or select 'Lsec' from 'CSx' menu again.
This dialog box will display:
Dialog box for L Section command

This time 'Roundup by 0.005' and 'Read Remarks Column' are ON.

Browse the DWG file used in left side of L section:
DWG file brows button and edit box

This is the DWG file we used:
DWG block file

You can select different file from 'CSxSupport' folder or any other folder.

RLs position edit box
Here 0 is for center RLs, -6.5 is for left end and 6.5 is for right side end of OGL RLs. 999 symbol is for top RLs.

After giving all parameters, select 'OK' button.
After few seconds following prompts will display in command prompt area:
Give Range for L section (????-????) <ALL>: Press enter for all.

A DWG block (shown above) will display in drawing area, and following messages will display in command prompt:
Pick point for chainages or 'Enter': Pick near 'Ch.' in drawing area.
Pick point for (0.000) RLs or 'Enter': Pick near 'G.L.'
Pick point for (-6.500) RLs or 'Enter': Pick near 'L.H.S.'
Pick point for (6.500) RLs or 'Enter': Pick near 'R.H.S.'
Pick point for (999) RLs or 'Enter': Pick near 'R.T.L.'.

After picking all points, we will get L section as shown below. Delete RTL values.

Final L Section drawing

'Save As' dialog box will display. Click 'Save', to save this drawing. Red line shows top levels for earth work centre. Place the mouse cursor on any Pline/profile, hyperlink will display.
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