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You already know, 'Other' sheet (from column 'A' to 'AA') looks like this:
'Other' sheet

Self explanatory figures:
Self explanatory figure for 'Other' sheet's parameters

Some short form used in this sheet:
EW-SlpL= Earth Work Slope in Left,
EW-SlpR= Earth Work Slope in Right,
SideSlp-L= Side Slope in Left,
SideSlp-R= Side Slope in Right,
SideSlp-C= Side Slope in Cutting,
OldCW-L= Old Carriageway Width in Left,
OldCW-R= Old Carriageway Width in Right,
NewCW-L= New Carriageway Width in Left,
NewCW-R= New Carriageway Width in Right,
ShoWid-L= Shoulder Width in Left,
ShoWid-R= Shoulder Width in Right,
ShoTh-L= Shoulder Thickness in Left,
ShoTh-R= Shoulder Thickness in Right

For details, place curser in first row of 'Other' sheet. Move curser by left/right arrow key. Help tip will display in small window.

Self explanatory figures:
Self explanatory figure for 'Other' sheet's parameters

Shoulder widths in top most level is less then earth work level, hence change shoulder widths, if required.

See the shoulder thickness effect on cross sections:
Shoulder's thicknesses
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