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Purpose of this command is to draw multiple L sections from main L section, for A4 size ploting.

Open L section drawing. Its length is 3 K.M. approx. We want every 500 m. length in A4 size paper. For this, L section must split into 6 parts, every part will 500 m. To split this L section, use 'MultiLS' command.
This command works in Two steps. First to change the colour of every vertical grid on 500 m. interval to Red:
Go to 'CSx' menu. Select 'Multi' and then select 'LS'.
This dialog box will display:
Dialog box for 'MultiLS' command

Fill above given parameters and select 'OK' button.
Following type of Red lines will created automatically:
Red lines in grid by MultiCS command

If any remarks found across Red grid line, move it away from Red line:
Red line position in L section grid

Give 'MultiLS' command again. This time it will give the option in command prompt:
Want vertival cut? (Y/N) <N>:
Enter y for yes, if the height between minimum and maximum datum is more.
Enter n for no, if the height between minimum and maximum datum is less.
All new small L sections will create in separate 'MultiLS' sub folder, one by one in few seconds...
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