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Widening layers are shown by Red lines:
Widening layers in cross section

As shown above, maximum 5+2=7 layers are possible. All widening layers starts, where old carriage way (2.600 in above fig.) ends.
Old carriage way = 'OldCW-L' + 'OldCW-R'. See 'Other' sheet for this.
'Widening_Layer' sheet is same as 'Top_Layer' sheet, except, here we give separate thickness for left and right side, instead of single thickness at centre. Data in following figure have no widening layers, because all columns of 'Th-L' and 'Th-R' have zero value:
Widening layer sheet

SlpL= Slope in Left
SlpR= Slope in Right
FL2(w) & FL1(w)= Full Layers in widening
Off.=Offset (stepping of one side)
Offset is measure from their corresponding upper layer.
For only left side widening, give thickness in 'Th-L' columns. Th-R=0.
For only right side widening, give thickness in 'Th-R' columns. Th-L=0.
For both side widening, use both 'Th-L' and 'Th-R' columns.

Self explanatory figure:
Widening layer parameters

Precautions, while using this sheet: Top Next