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Purpose of this command is to arrange multiple cross sections in a single drawing to ease ploting work.

All cross sections in 'Cross Sections' folder are single. We want 2 to 3 cross sections in a single drawing so that number of pages required for printing will be less. For this,
Open new blank file in AutoCAD. Give 'MultiCS' command:
MultiCS command by menu

Give '3' (number of cross sections in one page), in command prompt:
MultiCS command in command prompt

Select XLS data file, in which 'GL' sheet is present, and select 'Open':
XLS file brows for 'MultiCS' command

Following message will display, after grouping all cross sections. All drawings created in 'MultiCS' sub folder:
End message given by 'MultiCS' command

After MultiCS, drawings look like:
A DWG file after using 'MultiCS'
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