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Column 'B' to 'I' for left drain. Same parameters are repeat for right side drain from column 'J' to 'Q':
'Drain' sheet

Self explanatory figure to understand parameters used in this sheet:
'Drain' sheet parameters

InnerOff.: Give a distance in Meters.
Give '420' for no left side drain.

InnerOffSlp: Slope in percent value. Give '0' for horizontal line. If you give '420', then only drain's three lines will be drawn, as shown bellow, even if drain will be in cutting:
'InnerOffSlp' parameter

OuterOffSlp: Slope in percent value.

OuterSlp: Slope in percent value.

FixDrainSlp(1/0): When value is 0, than side slope of drain will vary to fulfill given 'Top' and 'Vertical' values. When value is 1, than side slope of drain will fix and hence given 'Top' and 'Vertical' values are not follow. In this case, side slope of drain is calculated by given values for 'Top', 'Vertical' and 'Bottom':
'FixDrainSlp' parameter

Following type of drains are possible by using some tricky data:
Drain made by tricky data
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