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Checking Data
      L Section
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Final L Section
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      Slope to Line
Quantity by L Scetion
Completing L Section
      Line to Slope
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'Heading' Sheet
'Colour' Sheet
Quantity Statement Formating
Folders at the end of CSx
Multi Layer Cross Sections
'Other' Sheet in detail
'Top_Layer' Sheet
'Drain' Sheet
'Widening_Layer' Sheet
'Area' Sheet
Different data
in different chainages
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All steps are same as you see for earth work cross sections except some extra sheets are required. Also in 'Other' sheet, some more parameters are used (example: shoulder slopes in column 'F' and 'G'). Add crust thickness in top levels present in IInd column of 'GL' sheet, if required. After giving 'CSx' command, ON some more sheets, as per requirement:
Dialog box for 'CSx' command

See the quantity statement file, more layers are present automatically:
Quantity file before formatting
Read 'Different data in different chainages' topic also.
Parameters present in various sheets are explained in next topic...
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