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Use this command to change the slope of particular segment of a PLine into a given new slope.

Give this command from 'LSext' of 'CSx' menu.
Following prompt will display:
Select object: Select a segment.

It is important, where you select.
Select a segment near end point, which you want as a fix point. Other end will move up or down.

After PLine selection, a dialog box will display:
Dialog box for slopeToLine command

Make sure that 'L section parameters' are same as given in L Section.
Give 0 for horizontal, or any other slope value in 'New slope' edit box.
Use negative value for downward slope.

After clicking 'OK' button, the far end of selected segment will take its new position as per given slope.

Note: The direction of slope (-->) and value of existing slope are shown in dialog box. Hence you can use this command to know the existing slope of any PLine segment also.
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